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Sunday, 11 January 2009

If you’re not on Twitter (and following me) by now, you should be. So take a moment and sign up, find @alisond, then continue. Or skip ahead if you’re already part of the Twitterati.

Do some pre-Spring cleaning, meet some new friends

Inspired by my super-sagging bookcase, I randomly Twitter-mused if anyone would be interested in a book swap TweetUp. The response, for a Sunday night with football and Golden Globes to attend to, seemed to be a resounding yes. But in order to get an accurate picture of how many people would really sign up, I thought I’d post the idea here and give people a place to share their thoughts and see what other people think.

I’m also testing out Dan Zarrella’s newest creation, TweetBacks, and in order to get a good feel for how it works I need people to Tweet and ReTweet a blog post (I think). So, leave a comment with your ideas on venue, event direction, what you would actually show up for and any other thoughts on some sort of reading/book themed TweetUp. Then, talk about it on Twitter and send people back here so everyone knows what’s going on.

Give my girlie beach reads a good home!

I’ve never been a fan of libraries; unlike Carrie Bradshaw, I hate the smell of library books, and I don’t like not being able to throw books around and crease carrie bradshaw reading in bed with bigthem up. I also prefer paperbacks for their portability. Say that ten times fast.

A few of my offline, non-Twitter friends and I began exchanging books when we realized we had similar tastes and were all buying the same ones anyway. Saves money, and allows us to talk about what we’ve been reading without the pressure of a formal book club. I offloaded several dogeared literary treasures to my sister and friends this past week, but alas, my Target bookshelf is still smiling under the weight of some hefty hardcovers.

My original idea was a Twitter book swap, but once I started Tweeting and thinking my brain took off and I’m on idea overload. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Book Swap TweetUp

I’m in Boston, so it would have to be a local kind of thing. Anyone interested would bring a book (or ten) that they’ve read but no longer want to the TweetUp and switch for something new (to them). The exact details could go a lot of different ways, but we get to meet Twitter friends offline, many of the first time, and get some new, free, reading material.

Twitter ReadUp Book Club

This could go one of two ways, but I think a virtual book club held mostly through Twitter would be really low-key, fun, easy and cool. We pick a book a month or so and anyone who wants to join in can read and contribute to the discussion on Twitter; only problem might be spoilers. Again, local Boston area tweeps could also meet up for real.

Book Drive TweetUp for Charity

Kind of a spin-off/amalgamation of my book swap idea and @bitchinmona’s quest for a Twitter charity project, this would be a TweetUp where we bring new or gently used books to donate to or for charity. I’m less clear on the details for this one, so please go nuts on this idea in the comments.

Twitter Used Book Chain Letter Activity

The more I write about these possible events, the more I like the idea of maintaining some online component. A Twitter book swap chain letter would work like a cross between those old school chain letters that promised 32 packs of stickers in two weeks when you were six, and a penpal system. Kind of a book swap Twitter tree; everyone joins and gets a person to send a book to; someone else gets you. We swap, and you get two new Twitter pals to talk to, starting by discussing the book you just sent or received.

Now, get thinking, and start digging for some awesome reads that you wouldn’t mind passing on to a new reader to enjoy. And please, leave ideas in the comment below and pass this along on Twitter!

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  • I love the idea of a book swap – something in person, so it also gives you the chance to meet some fellow twitizens. I’d go anywhere in the Boston area. The book drive is also a fantastic idea. Maybe have a book swap and then any books left over would be donated to charity?

    The idea of the book chain letter sounds fun (and like a scarf exchange I recently took part in) but my only concern about that is peoples tastes in books greatly differ and what if you get matched up with someone who likes to read history books and you’re into chick lit?

    I’ve also always wanted to be in a book club – so another great idea! You’re right about the spoilers for doing it online, though. Hmmm….

    Comment by Sarah — January 12, 2009 @ 9:37 am

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