Tweeting with Style: The Ultimate List of the Most Awesome Twitter Accessories

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

For me, it all started with CouchObjects Twitterati necklace (modeled at right by yours truly). @JuliaRoy Tweeted about it, and I simply had to have it. UK shipping costs and time delays be damned, I made it mine and get loads of compliments and questions every time I wear it. Unfortunately, they have since sold out of every piece of geek girl bling they had.

Of course, there are plenty of designers out there offering to trick out your Twitter page itself, but my favorite Twitter designs take Tweeting to the streets to make a fashion statement. Here are some cute and creative ways you can show your love for Twitter offline:


Silver Twitter Charm Necklace

Since you can’t get the famous Twitterati necklace, at least for now, try this adorable silver bird necklace on for size. It’s even got a little blue stone to match.


Twitter “t” Pillow

While not exactly a fashion accessory, this plush Twitter pillow is perfect for accessorizing a couch or bringing your bedroom into the digital age.


Double Bird Gold Ring

Pricey, and probably not meant as a nod to social networking, but this two-finger ring is adorable. Only problem is, it might make it hard to type.

@username Stationery


While Twitter jewelry is cute, I have to say I’m partial to the more creative incarnations of the Twitter bird, like these “a Tweet from the desk of” notecards.

Embroidered Twitter Wallet

If I didn’t require a much bigger wallet on account of my massive shopping addiction, I would totally rock this Twitter billfold. If only it held me accountable by Tweeting every purchase…


Carbon Fiber Twitter Necklace


For those who aren’t convinced Twitter blue is the new black, try this bird pendant in my favorite wear-with-everything shade.

Twitter Buttonsil_430xn755943691

A girl (or guy’s) always got somewhere to pin a Twitter badge! Backpack, bulletin board, shoelaces…wherever you pin them, these matching buttons are a must.

Scrabble Twitter Tile Pendantil_430xn741623601

These tile necklaces are all over Etsy, and there are a few different Twitter variations, but I love the sass of “I’m Huge On Twitter.”

Quilted Twitter Coastersil_430xn45597775

If you want to really jazz up your living room, make sure you snag a set of these quilted coasters.

# and @ Magnetsil_430xn44490861

These two symbols have taken on new meanings for Twitter fanatics, but this wood-burned magnet set brings an old-fashioned look to modern communication.

“I Tweet, Therefore I Am” Hairclipsil_430xn65553020

I’m not really a fan of hair accessories (I always end up looking like Sarah Jessica Parker gone wrong) but I like the saying on these.

Threadless has also stepped up to create the first line of official Twitter tees that use crowdsourced designs chosen, voted and Tweeted by real users. They’re cute, but I haven’t found one I want to commit to just yet. However, just because I don’t want a single Tweet emblazoned across my chest doesn’t mean I don’t adorn myself in Twitter finery in other ways; my Twittercizing just tends to the more general. And hey, I’ve got an @ tattoo.

As you can tell, I’m kind of obsessed with Twitter trinkets right now, so please leave links to your favorite Twitter-wear in the comments!


Hand-Felted Birdies

picture-2I just came across these adorable hand-made felt birds and cannot get over how cute they are! I am totally ordering one (in Twitter blue, of course) to perch atop my work computer and oversee all Tweeting activity.

“Follow Me” Thigh-High Stockings

And of course, I had to have these sexy social media stockings! The tattoo print thigh-highs say “Follow Me” in black script and have a cute Twitter bird perched on the calf. Sure to be a conversation starter at my next Tweetup.


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