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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I’ve got a growing collection of images I think are cool slowly taking over my desktop, so I figured it was time to share. (This is why they stay on my desktop; until I do something with them, as a motivator to blog, print, wallpaper or what have you with them. So far, it’s maybe half working.)

I owe these infographics about the internet to Fast Company, who reported on a BBC study that charted the 100 most visited websites in January. You can read more about their findings on the BBC News site. They’ve also got a great hover feature that allows further breakdown of each interest category.

What We’re Looking At Online


I kind of wish that search had been broken out into types of searches and mapped to the more targeted interest groups, but I guess that strays a little far from site visits into site behavior. But I love that, all search engines aside, social networks and shopping are officially recognized as such a big part of other people’s internet lives besides mine.

Social Site Visits

The Social Network-only infographic paints an even clearer picture: it’s (still) all about Facebook. Yes, Twitter is the 2nd most popular social site, but it’s a long way off from Facebook’s 1st place status.SocialNetworksJPEG

Just for Fun

Here are some more amusing infographics you might also enjoy.

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  • Very interesting! I’m the same way, photos of shoes all over my desktop from websites :) I use the internet most for browsing fashion websites and buying clothes and accessories, and then next comes social networking, and then news. So this graphic is very true to my online behavior!

    Comment by Anna @ShoeHunting — April 7, 2010 @ 11:59 am

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