The Future of Furniture: Social Media Sofas

Friday, 10 July 2009

I’ve had my eye on a chaise lounge (not the tacky metal beach recliners, a gorgeous, grown-up indoor one) for years. You’ve probably seen them in old movies or hotels; they’re sort picture-1of one-armed half-sofas that are often called fainting couches. Old fashioned, yet super functional, and perfect for the little extra room I’ve recently become obsessed with redecorating.

DIY design rules online, not brand-name decor

Inspired by my newfound love of Design*Sponge’s Before & After section, I began my search in earnest. And right now, all I’ve found is that there are no furniture or home decor stores using social media. I mean, really using it and “monitoring the conversation” as we like to say. I’m not even sure they’re using the internet effectively. Because I am pretty handy with a search engine and know more than my fair share about SEO and social media, and I cannot find my dream sofa at a reasonable price. All I get are a) great sites with chaises that cost more than a month’s rent or b) spammy messes of “sites” that just keep linking to more useless pages. With my Twitter appeals unanswered, it appears I am stuck trolling CraigsList.

From telephone tables to computer desks, it’s clear the future is social media sofas

I could suck it up and buy a boring chair, or keep searching, but I can’t give up on this chaise, for one major reason: it is a social media necessity. That’s right, I’m declaring the next Twitter trend, and it is going to be Facebook furniture. Because maybe, if the social media sofa is a hit and tons of people start buying it, they will make more and the price will go down. That’s what happens with gadgets these days; why not furniture?

First, there’s the design of this pseudo sofa. The very old-fashioned fainting couch can retain it’s original charm with an incredible antique look and serve as a real statement piece for the room, or go sleek, modern and high-tech looking, complimenting a slick social media-y pad. It also takes up less space than a picture-2traditional couch, gaining points for usability, and fits where other furniture won’t, making it extremely versatile. On top of it all, it goes outside the expected and is anything but traditional, which fits in nicely with the social media mindset.

For a social media sofa, it’s all about the shape

It’s also the perfect shape to accommodate a laptop, an important feature in every social media star’s home. You can sit side by side and show someone something online without creeping over their shoulder, like you would in a chair, or you can stretch out by yourself and still maintain good back support for typing. You’re not confined by the narrow width of two arms, yet there is just enough structure to the furniture to keep you from slouching into a useless blob. Come to think of it, this balance of structure and personalization sounds a lot like Facebook.

In a world where desktop computers are obsolete and social media rockstars must be constantly connected, it’s only logical and pink-chaise-115x1151natural that our surrounding would have to change to accomodate this new way of life. The social media sofa is a first step towards making retailers realize our potential and create products that cater to our needs. Or at the very least,start tracking Twitter and help me find my damn couch.

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