Storytelling Through Social Snapshots

Tuesday, 08 August 2017

Apple’s first foray into social media is, unsurprisingly, not what you’d expect. The tech giant has famously shied away any type of social media presence, relying entirely on stark advertising heavy on white space, and word of mouth. Everyone speculates on new products and releases, lining up for a chance to be the first to buy a new gadget at full retail price. Unboxing videos rack up views for the brand, no marketing budget required. But now, Apple is on Instagram.

It’s not the typical brand presence, but it is very them. Following in the footsteps of recent TV campaigns, the account showcases photos shot on an iPhone, or #shotoniphone if you’re into hashtags. It’s beautiful and carefully curated. And it’s smart. What better way to tell a brand story than through those who use the product every day, not because they have to, but because they love it? And for such a visual brand, whose products allow consumers to become creators, Instagram is a natural fit.

Trader Joe’s, another brand known for eschewing social media, also recently joined Instagram. Their account is more product-forward, but like their quirky product flyers, it’s full of humorous anecdotes, recipes and helpful ways to get you to buy more snacks.

After years of no branded social media presence, both companies jumped into what could be considered the hardest platform to master. Instagram requires original content daily, if not more often. Thoughtfully and legally sourced UGC is also an option, but it doesn’t come without its own headaches. Visual content and storytelling is by no means new, but it is the way of the future. Take a page from these brands’ playbooks and think about your content catalogue. Is it telling your story? Or is it time to rewrite the narrative?

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