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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The mix of purse porn and social media savvy worked so well in my Social Media Purse Personalities post, I thought I’d try my hand (or foot) at a similar take on shoes. Here’s what Facebook and other online friending sites would look like on your feet.



Sexy, with a precariously high heel, this strappy slingback or sandal gets right to the point, leaving little to the imagination, and prides itself on unique details like feathers, bows or glitter. Perhaps an “out there” concept for many, but a perfect fit for fashion-forward, futuristic thinkers.



A must-have look that few can pull off, but almost all try, nearly everyone you know has some variation of this seasonal style. This iconic piece of footwear is immortalized in nearly every photo of “right now” and represents socially accessible couture.



High, high, attention grabbing heels that are nearly impossible to walk in, these brightly patterned shoes go with next to nothing and are one of those pairs you can never seem to remember why you don’t wear–until you put them on after a few months of more sensible styles.


Friend Feed

Function first, fashion second, these are the shoes you wear on your way to work. Or in the rain, or when you want to save room on packing. They’re versatile, and comfortable, and while you won’t be featured in Vogue anytime soon, they look OK and make up for their fashion flaws with wearability.


The rounded toe on this classic pump isn’t cutting edge fashion, but works with conservative looks and provides a flattering view of your legs. This shoe is sensible for work, with a heel that elongates with just the right amount of oomph, allowing you to put your best foot forward.


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