Social Media Link Love: Friday, May 11

Thursday, 10 May 2012

The internet is awesome. (Duh.) But sometimes there’s too much information to read it all. So here are a few of the articles or interesting factoids I liked over the week. To keep up to date on everything I find interesting, from social media to shopping and every cookie recipe in between, follow me on Twitter @Alison. But this link roundup will give you the highlights from the past week. Enjoy!

Foursquare Creates More Searchable History I can’t be the only one who still loves Foursquare, right? Search your old check-ins to find that hole in the wall you checked into and forgot about.

Using Twitter Data to Map Emotions Geographically Ever wondered how happy, sad or sexual a city was, and what certain neighborhoods were feeling? Now you can find out!

How Social Media Is Integrated Into Retail Browsing your favorite store? You could soon see Facebook “likes” displayed on hangars as retailers bring online “likes” into the real world.

Geeky <3 Heart Ring I love dorky/geeky/gadget-y accessories. I also love hearts. This ring is the perfect mix of both and needs to join my jewelry box ASAP.

How Facebook’s Timeline Layout Affects Brand Content Now that the dust has settled around Facebook’s Timeline updates, it’s time to take advantage of these changes. Here’s how.

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