Social Media Content Development and Distribution Strategies

Friday, 20 November 2009

I recently spoke at Pubcon Las Vegas on how to use social media as part of an ongoing content strategy. Tactics and tips for utilizing social media in your content strategy include optimizing for social networks like Facebook, creating higher user engagement, creating more frequent and relevant content, and spreading that content across multiple channels for a greater reach. This presentation was brief, and by no means an exhaustive set of ideas, but is more than enough to get you started and help you test the social media waters, so to speak.

How Social Networks Can Help Fuel Your Content Strategy

The key takeaway from this presentation is that people are beginning to expect brands, of all sizes, to be actively using social media. 5 years ago, we would have been surprised at a company without a website; now, we’re surprised at those without Facebook Pages. Businesses can really benefit from social media, and use it to create more relevant, interesting and targeted traffic on their site, as well as funnel leads and potential customers to their site from social media hot spots like Facebook and Twitter.

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