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Lelli Kelly

This page highlights the many shoe styles Lelli Kelly offers and showcases a variety of different fashions to correspond to the varied personalities of little girls. The shoes, and the girls, are all very different, but each is Lelli Kelly in their own unique way. The goal was to introduce the new season’s collection on a branding site.

Lelli Kelly Shoe Personality Match


Who’s your Lelli Kelly Girl?

What kind of Lelli Kelly girl is your little princess? Match her hobbies and interests to discover the shoe personality of your Lelli Kelly girl. Shy or sporty, fancy or funky, there’s a Lelli Kelly shoe for each little girl in your life. Because everyone’s a Lelli Kelly girl at heart.

Cute as a Button
Sweet and charming. Adorable, even. If there’s one thing every Lelli Kelly girl is, it’s cute, and the Fiordaliso style is just that. Comfortable enough for the playground, fancy enough for a tea party, Fiordaliso is signature Lelli Kelly style. These pink and white beaded shoes provide sneaker comfort dressed up with flower details that can only be described as darling.

Sugar and spice, and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of. Lelli Kelly shoes are all about feminine details, and the Margherita shoe is a girlie-girl’s feet dream come true. Fit for a princess, the Margherita Dolly and Velcro styles are feminine in every hand-crafted detail, functional in their superior construction. Pretty in pink never looked, and felt, so good.

Totally Trendy
Tragically hip; a total trendster and not yet ten years old. Lelli Kelly sneakers and slip-ons are the shoes for today, in the styles of the minute, and the Dolly Dots are the must-have pair this season. Every budding fashionista’s closet begs for these stretchy white slip-ons with colorful beaded dots splashed across supple leather. This Spring, it’s hip to be spotted, not square.

Adventurous and Athletic
Always on the go, and with a preference for ponytails, this sporty sister needs shoes that stay put from red rover to recess. Lelli Kelly Velcro sneakers fit snug and secure to keep this swift-footed sweetie on the move. The brilliant blue Peonia is perfect for those who take play seriously, keeping feet dry and balanced through any activity. The deep blue hue commands the playground’s respect, while the flowered pattern hints at her more lady-like tendencies.

Free Spirited
Anything but strait-laced, this girl is footloose and fancy-free. With Lelli Kelly’s Mara high-top, she can have the footwear to match. The shoe itself is unique in its lace-up, high-top design, and the funky flowers and beadwork make it even less like “every other shoe” out there. The intricate patterns and designs provide a tactile element to this inspired design for a look that sure to make an impression wherever she goes.

Sassy Sophisticate
More mature than many her age, being “grown up” is next on the agenda, and heels are the first step up! Dressed to the nines and already begging for lipstick and lashes, this little lady will go ga-ga over the Lelli Kelly Garden Heel. This intricately beaded pink pump has a low heel that’s high enough to make an impression, low enough to be practical. The perfect compromise between mother and daughter, young lady and little girl.

Glamour Girl

All about the glittery glitz, this girl knows that shiny, sparkly accessories really are a girl’s best friend, and in this case, it’s the Lelli Kelly Gold Sandal. Covered in sequins and sparkles, this sandal is more than an accessory; it’s a statement. As they should be, all eyes are on her when she steps out in this durable yet dainty declaration of style.