This portfolio represents a small sample of the vast array of projects I’ve worked on and mediums I’ve worked with. At Boston University the majority of my classes focused on copywriting for traditional print ads, resulting in a lot of spec work for magazine and outdoor ads, as well as actual client work done for print in AdLab, BU’s student-run agency. My “real world” experience since then has been mostly web-based; this includes basic SEO copywriting for various types of sites, ghost blogging, email marketing, press release writing and optimization and social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Effective social media marketing combines a variety of social sites to spread general brand awareness and create buzz. Examples of integrated social media marketing projects utilize a variety of sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

SEO Copywriting

Web copywriting involves writing each webpage not only for the actual human reading it and using the information, but for the search engine spiders to crawl for keywords as well, through a process called search engine optimization (SEO).

Ghostwriting and Blogging

Ghost blogging requires research to become well-versed in a client’s industry and write with authority. I’ve written for a number of industries, including politics, sales training, recruiting, ecommerce and non-profit. All of these posts are optimized for keywords to drive targeted, organic traffic to the site.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach and persuade people to take action. Most email recipients have self-selected themselves, making them prime targets for advertising and promotion messages. The trick is to entice them to click through using compelling copy.

Direct Mail

Usually a companion or counterpart to email marketing, these campaigns were designed to reach targets who had not opted into email, or for whom an email address could not be obtained. Direct mail is also useful in blogger outreach packages and when targeting high-end consumers.

Print Advertising

Traditional print ads shown here include newspaper, magazine and outdoor advertising, as well as brochure copywriting. Some of this work is spec advertising done for classes at while in COM, the College of Communications at BU, and some is print work done for real clients in AdLab.

Online Advertising

These online advertising (OLA) units are a mixture of static banners and flash or rich media ads designed to attract attention. All were made in conjunction with a specific landing page for the promotion, shown with the corresponding ads.

Video & Multimedia

YouTube has taken the web by storm, prompting brands to demand “viral videos” for their next ad campaign. While it is impossible to predict how and when a video will “go viral,” it is possible to produce great content that is a testament to your brand or product.