Pinterest To Purchase: How It Works

Wednesday, 04 December 2013

Remember when Pinterest first launched, and people thought it was for wedding planning and not much else? It’s safe to say that Pinterest has proved itself in the business world. First they added price tagging to pins, then business listings. Now Pinterest sends reminders to users when pinned items go on sale, driving tons of highly interested traffic to retailers and increasing revenue for online stores across the web.

Sound simple? It is. But it’s also genius. Pinterest knows what’s pinned, and has a direct link to that product information and can see when it’s updated. So why not let you know you can save a few bucks? It makes users more likely to pin more products, and encourages retailers to push pinning on their sites. It’s a win-win for Pinterest.

And it works. On Cyber Monday, Pinterest tripled revenue for online retailers. Pinterest is gaining users and activity, which it can monetize in other ways, so this feature is currently free for retailers. Take advantage of this opportunity as the holiday shopping season hits full swing by making your website Pinterest-friendly and launching a Pinterest contest. They’re easy to execute and come with fewer restrictions than other social media sites. At least for now. Happy pinning!

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