Newsjacking: Now Available On Facebook

Friday, 28 February 2014

By now, most marketers are schooled in Twitter’s trending topics. But did you know that Facebook shows you what’s trending now too? For me, the last 2 days have been filled with Pixar theories, most specifically the true identity of Andy’s mom in Toy Story. Spoiler alert: she’s the original owner of Jessie, the cowgirl companion to Andy’s Woody.

The internet is abuzz with this not-yet-verified by Disney news. So what does the Disney store do? They post an innocent photo of Jessie on Facebook with the question “What do you love most about Jessie?” Just a simple question, no mention of this theory at all.

And it is a simple question. Simple in its brilliance. You see, with Jessie top of mind, this post will naturally resonate with fans and drive increased engagement, resulting in incremental impressions in the Newsfeed. Even more brilliant because they tagged the Jessie fan page on Facebook, a move that promises to place this post in the feed of that page’s fans as well, thanks to a new development in Newsfeed delivery of tagged content.

The takeaway? Take advantage of current events and Facebook features to improve your marketing efforts for free. Just make sure that you jump on to relevant news. You don’t want to a) drive non-targeted traffic; b) confuse the message; or c) become a cautionary tale. But if you can discover related news and create similar, branded content quickly, realtime marketing success can be yours.

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