New Year’s Resolutions

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

If you’ve read through any of my other posts, are following me on Twitter or have met me in offline life, you know I can be pretty sarcastic. And cynical. I like to think I’m a realist, but it’s probably flavored with a lot more pessimism than reality. Part of it is my philosophy that if I expect the worse, I’ll either be pleasantly surprised or at least prepared. The other part is that I’m just convinced that I’m a magnet for disaster. Which may or may not have a bit of a self-fulfilling edge to it.

That being said, are you surprised I’ve gone off holidays? I love Thanksgiving because it’s about seeing people you love and eating lots of food. When I went vegetarian it became a little awkward, but my mother is a creative cook. There’s also the worry and preparation involved in showing up seeing old high school classmates, but all in all, turkey or not, its namesake holiday and I are cool.

Christmas gets more commercial every year, and while I still love it, it’s kind of a let down immediately after. Everything is over. My favorite time is the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas; the holiday spirit and shopping; pumpkin martinis and eggnog lattes.

Other than that, holidays annoy or anger me. Valentine’s Day is depressing, Halloween is too hyped and New Year’s Eve is amateur hour. I’ve also never liked telling everyone I meet how I plan to improve myself for the year. But, if I post it here, maybe I don’t have to walk around verbalizing it. And maybe I’ll feel more compelled to keep them. Here’s hoping!

#1 Write More Blog Posts

This is the more manageable name for focusing professionally. I tend to agonize over posts, making them way longer than necessary and so time consuming that I just give up. I’m always afraid they won’t be perfect, so I just decide not to bother. I need to dedicate more time to work stuff–not shopping–and let go of a little bit of my perfectionism. Nice segue to resolutions #2 and #3.

#2 Be Less Critical

This applies to myself, as stated above, but also other people. I’m snarky about people I don’t know; beware passersby. But I’m also hypercritical of the people closest to me. I think it’s because I expect great things and want to help them get there, but it comes out way harsher than I intended. @danzarrella is doing some amazing stuff with ReTweets right now (dare I say groundbreaking?) as part of his larger research on viral marketing and how content spreads. Instead of immediately pointing out what could use work, I’d like to be able to explain how cool I think the stuff he’s already done is.

#3 Save More Money

Just noticed the more/less/more theme. Odd. But, back to my least favorite resolution, I have a serious problem. An addiction, really. To shopping. I love bargain hunting, but even that can add up. I Tweet about deals all day, forward coupons to friends and get more store reward cards and catalogues than I know what to do with. I can’t leave a mall without buying something for fear of “shopping blueballs.” If I’m bored and low on funds, I’ll browse CVS or Target. Not in the mood to try on clothes?Off to the grocery store. You get the picture; my spending needs to grow up.

So there you have it, my goals for 2009: work hard, be nice, save money. Sort of a shameless self-indulgent post, but a post, so that takes care of the first one. I said nice stuff, so scratch off two. And if anyone would like to give me a job that combines my passion for clothes and my goal to focus on the professional (with some kind of discount program perhaps?), that’s even better!

Happy New Year! And please feel free to share your resolutions and/or tips to help me meet mine below.

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