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Thursday, 19 February 2009

You shout out to your Tweeps, poll Tweeple for advice and scoff at the Twitteratti who live-tweet their every move. You may have even ventured to a TweetUp or two. But have you heard the latest Twitter lingo?

@alisond’s Twitter Vocabulary

I’ve often found myself struggling to find the right word to convey a certain real world/Twitterverse behavior crossover. I couldn’t, so I made up a few of my own, completely original Twitter terms.


verb: To complain, gripe or bitch on Twitter
Ex. @alisond is twitching about the MBTA making her late again.


noun: A twitter enemy, similar to a frenemy, whom you secretly despise but try to hide behind online arguments that always appear professional.
Ex. @danzarrella likes to argue with guys that try to talk to his girl. He’s got a few frenemies.


noun: A Twitter user who refuses to respond to @ replies because they believe they are “above” the person addressing them.
Ex. She thinks she’s too cool to answer me because she has more followers. What an @sshole.


verb: To stalk someone on Twitter; more intensive than mere following, it implies scanning all conversations and following up by stwalking those he or she routinely engages with.
Ex. I found my ex on Twitter, so now I’m stwalking him and his silly new PR groupies.

Nit Twit

noun: An annoying Twitter user; may be characterized by excessive misspelling, poor grammar or caps lock abuse.
Ex. I had to unfollow him when he tweeted “YOUR GOING TO LIKE THIS LINK ALOT!!!”


noun: An acronym for Best Friends On Twitter, similar to BFF; a designation of the close relationship you may have with some people online who you have never met
Ex. I can’t wait to meet @bitchinmona, one of my BFOT!

Like these? Check out Twictionary for some more commonly accepted Twitter terms. And please leave ideas of your own in the comments; I’m still trying to think of ones for a Twitter couple or a Twitter crush. Bouncing around “attwaction” but it doesn’t really fit.



verb: To assert a position or propose an explanation on Twitter.
Ex. I positwitted that Facebook is still a lot cooler than Twitter and got quite a few angry responses.


noun: A Twitter crush that may or may not exist offline. From the noun “macro” (obvious, visible) and the verb “mack” (to flirt or attract attention).
Ex. I’ve got such a mackro on @danzarrella, I’ll ReTweet anything he says.


noun: A “fake” Twitter user with an obvious agenda to push who follows people strictly for said agenda. From the adjective “faux” (French for false) and the noun “follower” (here, a Twitter user).
Ex. Plagued by pseudo followers trying to sell him stuff, @ajlozier decided he needed a word for these agenda pushers.


noun: A romantic affair with a Twitter acquaintance.

Ex. After talking on Twitter for months, their DMs turned to dinner and what could have been just a twyst soon blossomed into a full romance.


noun: One’s significant other on Twitter; usually overlaps into “real” (offline) life as well

Ex. I thought everyone already knew that @danzarrella and I are Tweethearts, but some people are still surprised when I tell them.


  • How about Twitterduce. For example: @alisond I’d like to twitterduce you to @taiwriter (perfect for tweeple tueusdays)

    Comment by Tai — February 19, 2009 @ 12:24 pm
  • Haha I like twitterduce. It will definitely make the second edition.

    Comment by Alison — February 19, 2009 @ 12:25 pm
  • I have used Twidiot a few times which rolls a few of your examples into the mix.

    Thanks for the post.

    Comment by Dre — February 19, 2009 @ 12:31 pm

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