Managing and Monitoring a Page With Facebook Timeline

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

It’s coming. Facebook Timeline is scheduled to roll out to all brand pages tomorrow, March 30. Are you ready? Chances are, you think you’re prepared. But if you haven’t made the switch on your own time just yet, prepare for a few days of transition as you relearn how to best monitor and manage a Facebook page using Timeline.

The major changes are obvious (I covered the big ones in a previous post about Timeline) and mostly one-time switches. Add a wider photo, choose tab/app icons, back fill your milestones, etc. You can preview all these layout changes before you make the switch, or, better yet, create a test page where you can try new features out away from the public eye.

Responding to Fan Comments

However, there are some differences in Timeline that will be hard to notice until you’ve been using it for a few days as an admin on a live page. Monitoring, managing and responding to fan questions works a bit differently, and it’s not quite as intuitive as before. Take a look at the two pages below. The one on the left shows the old Facebook layout: fan comments post individually on the wall, making it easy to read, review and respond as necessary. In the new layout, shown on the right, fan comments are clustered in a box in the right hand column. You’ll have to click to expand and read or respond to these now.

You can also use the Admin Panel to alert you to new activity, but it still takes more clicks than before. The up side? Negative comments are now harder for other people to find. They are much more likely to read your content than they are to click that little box and see what someone else posted about you. Still, you should be responding to those comments, even if they aren’t as visible as before. It’s easy to forget that box is there, but make sure to check on your fans throughout the day and respond as needed.

Have you switched to Timeline? share what you like (or dislike) in the comments below!


  • I am in the process of switching to timeline for a bunch of clients. I think, like anything else, it’s going to take getting used to. Old habits are hard to break. This post is very helpful, thanks!

    Comment by Meghan — March 29, 2012 @ 12:53 pm
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