It’s Not an Ad Without a Headline

Tuesday, 02 March 2010

Though my heart belongs to Facebook, I still love more traditional forms of advertising. I constantly rip pages from magazines, print out ads I find on and take screen grabs of exceptionally good (or bad) banner ads.

As a copywriter, I appreciate great, copy-driven ads that rely on clever lines, cool fonts and simple, if any, visuals. Sometimes these are difficult to find on Ads of the World, because, as they name suggests, they show the best creative from around the globe. And the wittiest of lines are usually the ones that get lost in translation the fastest.

Print Ads Worth Talking About

However, this set of ads for Albert Dali Naming Consultants in India hits the mark spot on. And really, if your business is naming, you better have some clever, copy-driven ads, right?

It was tough to pick a favorite, but this cheeky one about women was what originally grabbed my attention. However, the one below is a very close second, just because I like the way a very true statement is represented.

As I’ve found with most campaigns of three, this third ad is not quite as compelling, but I like the idea.

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