Fall Fashion Takes a Cue From Facebook

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Despite his penchant for non-descript  hoodies, Mark Zuckerberg might be more tuned into the fashion world than we think.

The “it” color for fall? A bright, royal blue not unlike Facebook’s signature color. It’s even being paired with white for Facebook-esque manicures! Coincidence? Probably, but it got me thinking. How genius would it be for Zuck to send his signature hue down the runway, into stores and across fashion journals, both online and in print? It’s a crazy idea, but it’s also brilliant: send subliminal messages making more people aware of the shade, and therefore more receptive to it. This creates a more hospitable environment on Facebook.com, leading to longer time on-site, an increase in ad clicks and revenue for Facebook, and finally, their ultimate goal: a rise in Facebook stock prices.

Have I mentioned I love a good conspiracy theory? Clearly, I have too much time on my hands to think about Facebook, fashion and the connection between the two. But the proliferation of bright blue into this season’s wardrobe has many fashionistas sporting Zuck’s favorite color.

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