Facebook’s New Format For Pages: 4 Things You Need To Know Now

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Now that the new, one column format for Facebook Pages is available to everyone, there are a few things you should know.

1) The new format is not optional.

You can switch now, or they will switch for you very soon. You can also switch for yourself now and keep the old view for fans while you get used to it.

2) Tabs/Apps aren’t gone…but they might as well be.

The top navigation is much cleaner, moving thumbnails for content to the left hand side and keeping Facebook’s top content (Timeline, About, Reviews and Photos) front and center, while all other content is bucketed under More.

3) You can reorganize your apps on the sidebar.

If you have a storefront or other sales driving tab, push it up higher to be seen above the fold–otherwise fans will need to click “view more posts” to also expand the left hand sidebar and see all your Apps. Haven’t received great Reviews? Move that section to the bottom. To reorder, simply hover over the gray bar at the top of each section, then click the pencil that appears and says “Manage Sections.” You can then drag and drop to reorder your sidebar content. Just know that People and About are locked into the 2 top spots.

4) Historical content is now easier to see.

While browsing on your own Page or anyone else’s, you can select to only see Highlights or All Stories. Just hit a date range on the right hand side first, then choose the type of stories you want to see. This can be useful for those who want to look back at a post from a long time ago, where the Activity History is not always as helpful.

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