Facebook Tricks To Avoid Unfriending

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

We’ve all got an annoying friend or two. And unfortunately, Facebook tends to magnify some of our pals’ less desirable traits, whether it be late night game playing (I do not care about your mafia, farm or town), incessant whining, or chronic oversharing. These friends are tolerable in real life, but sometimes seeing all their crazy rants in one long stream in your Newsfeed is just too much. But it’s rude to unfriend someone you had dinner with last weekend. So what to do?

Hide ‘em. Using a few Facebook Newsfeed tricks, you can weed out updates or people you’d rather not hear from, but can’t cut out completely by unfrieding. The best part? They’ll never even know! Unless, of course, they ask if you saw their most recent update. But that’s what a little white lie is for.

Hide Updates From Newsfeed Post

When you see a post you wish you hadn’t you can take steps to remove that friend’s updates from your feed right away. It’s simple and entirely untraceable to the offending friend. Here’s how to do it:

1. In the Newsfeed, hover over the top right corner of post from the friend you want to hide.

2. An arrow will appear. Click it, then select hide.

3. This will trigger a message telling you that the post has been hidden. From here you can opt to hide certain types of posts, or unfollow all together.

4. You’re done! No more annoying posts, and your friend is none the wiser.

Hide Updates From Profile

If your friend hasn’t posted in awhile or you can’t find a recent post, you can still remove them from your Newsfeed. Here’s how:

1. Navigate to your friend’s profile and hover over the “Friends” button.

2. An list of actions will appear. Un-check “show in Newsfeed.” Note: unfriend is also one of the options, so choose carefully.

3. Ta-da! You will not longer seen their posts in your feed.

Both methods are quick and easy. Hiding from the Newsfeed allows you a few more customization options. Currently you can hide individual stories from the Newsfeed on mobile, but you won’t have the ability to unfollow a user without logging into the full desktop version of Facebook. You can, however, opt to remove a friend from your Newsfeed via their profile in the mobile app. Looking to clean up your Facebook feed a bit more? Check out these other tips.

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