Facebook should hire me

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

So now my mom is on Facebook. As if I didn’t have enough to worry about with my boss and potential employers digging through my profile, now my mom can virtually check up on me too. Looks like I’m gonna have to learn the Facebook privacy settings a little bit better.

I’m thinking I could leverage my ability to persuade a soon-to-be retiree to join Facebook boomj.jpginto a job offer as a Facebook marketer. No, seriously, from a college (err, college-ish…I graduated in 2006 but have been known to pretend that I’m still in school) kid’s point of view, I know the average “heavy user” inside and out, but it seems I can reach another demographic too-the baby boomers, aka my mom’s generation (give or take a few years). The key is to grab them on a more personal level, make them feel individually invited. That’s how I got my mom, albeit indirectly; she reads my blog and wanted to a) know what the hell I was talking about and b) check out my profile and see what all the fuss is over.

eons.gifNot to be ageist, but this generation didn’t grow up with the technology we 20-somethings are so comfortable with, leaving many hesitant to join a lot of the social networks because they feel like intruders. Enter the newest crop of social networks, all of which are designed with a slightly older crowd in mind.

Sites such as Eons, Rezoom and Boomj are well-designed sites that play to the wishes of their audience. They are visually appealing and easy to navigate, managing to look high tech while maintaining an intuitive sense of what each function and link does.They capitalize on the fact that most boomers prefer to get comfortable with one site and familiarize themselves with all of its aspects:

“This prospective and relative stickiness are helping to drive a wave of new investment into boomer and older-oriented social networking sites that offer like-minded and like-aged individuals discussion and dating forums, photo-sharing, news and commentary, and chatter about diet, fitness and health care.”

I’m really glad to see more social networks opening up to the older crowd that are actuallyrezoom.jpg social, and I hope they live up to my high expectations. If I’m lucky, maybe I can get my mom to switch over so I can unblock her from viewing my photos. Just kidding mom, I’m still the good kid you know and love.

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