Facebook Marketing Lessons from Buffy: The Xander Principle

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Who didn’t love Xander on Buffy? (Except for Cordelia. Most of the time.) Quick with a joke and lovably goofy, Xander was the perfect sidekick to Buffy’s total bad-assness. For Buffy, he was a helpful hand more than once. For Joss Whedon, he presented the perfect levity for some otherwise dark episodes, providing comedic relief when things got a little heavy. And the fans loved him for it.

Xander was often the vehicle for delivering inside jokes and bridging the gap from fans to film. Inside jokes and fan terminology frequently found their way onscreen through his dialogue. He could always be counted on for a laugh, even at himself, and his self-deprecating humor quickly endeared him to fans.

Go With The Flow

What can we learn from Xander? Make your fans happy. Inside jokes are the way to win anyone’s heart. Just think back to grade school: sharing a secret was one of the most powerful ways to bond a friendship. Inside jokes are a nod to your fans and brand enthusiasts, and a great way to breed loyalty. Everyone wants to feel like a part of the in-crowd. And providing that experience is as easy as listening to their comments or creating a VIP section of your community.

Facebook Should Be Fun

Don’t take your brand too seriously. Most of what is shared across social media is quick, funny or entertaining snippets of content. So that means you need to have some fun and relax some of your strict guidelines. You can’t control everything on Facebook, and you need to let Page Members interact and use your Page the way they want. Sometimes you might not agree with it, or you may make a mistake yourself. That’s OK. Moderate user-generated content for vulgar or spammy posts, and admit your own mistakes.  Facebook is the perfect place to show a more human side of your brand. An approachable tone works best for content on the site, and the variety of photo albums you can upload allows you to show the many different sides of your brand.

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