Facebook Marketing Lessons from Buffy: The Giles Principle

Wednesday, 03 November 2010

As the only major adult character on Buffy, and a librarian to boot, Giles had a lot to teach the Scoobies, not just about vampire slaying, but about life. Of course, what teenager wants to listen to an old guy tell them to behave? None. Giles realized this, as did Joss Whedon, the show’s creator. And while there was much to be learned from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Whedon kept it interesting, never preaching his lessons.

Whedon used lots of extended metaphors to subtly approach subjects that other popular shows, like Dawson’s Creek, tackled head on. It’s no coincidence that Angel turned back into his evil self after Buffy finally slept with him. And Willow’s magic exploration began as a symbol for her relationship with Tara, which then morphed into an analogy for drug addiction prior to their breakup. Yet through it all, Giles (almost) never said I told you so. He always taught the lesson he hoped to impart…but he did it in such a way that Buffy thought she learned it herself. Because who wants to be nagged all the time? Not the show’s fans, and certainly not your customers on Facebook.

Don’t Push, Persuade

Subtle persuasion is best when it comes to social media. People use Facebook to catch up with friends, and to be entertained. There are lots of Facebook Pages out there. Some are good, but many very spammy, salesy or otherwise bad. Don’t be one of the bad ones. You can lead your Page Members to some conclusions, but don’t force your opinions or sales tactics on them. Allow open discussion and see where the Page goes naturally, then steer conversations with pointed questions.

Forget The Hard Sell

Facebook is not place to push product offers or go for the hard sell. The best brands provide fun, engaging content for their Page Members to enjoy. Provide links to buy, but don’t force it. Good content will naturally persuade people to purchase, without seeming too pushy.

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