Facebook Makes Reviews A Priority For Places

Thursday, 10 April 2014

In addition to allowing businesses to reply to Facebook Reviews, they’ve also given Reviews more prominence on Pages. This change has taken effect already on any Page that is also a Place; that is, a business with a physical location. This only applies to Pages tied to a brick and mortar location–so a restaurant or hotel chain will NOT see this change, but a Facebook Page for an individual location within that chain will. I have seen this change applied to hotels, restaurants, retail stores, schools and service companies. Basically, any Page that includes the ability to check-in.

This change is independent of the other Page redesign rollout going on right now, but is applied a bit differently based on whether the Page has the new or old design. When you visit a Facebook Page using the old layout, you will now see Reviews moved to the top of the righthand column, with Posts By Others below it. (See example below.)

For Pages that have switched to the new layout, Reviews are in the left column, a little farther down. They are in a tabbed box shared with Posts By Others, with the default view showing Reviews first and requiring a click to see Posts By Others. (See example below.)

Is Facebook trying to join the reviews business? Looks like a new revenue stream may be opening up for them soon.

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