Facebook Increases Instagram Integration

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Following Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, the social network began making changes to the photo app to bring it more in line with Facebook’s policies. One of their latest moves was to replace location data from Foursquare with their own system, Facebook check-ins. This doesn’t change much for the user within the Instagram app, but on Facebook itself it can have a big impact for both users and brands.

When a user tags their location in a photo and shares it to Facebook, it creates a link to that location’s Brand Page. If the brand allows users to post on their wall, it also displays the photo on the Page, in the “Posts By Others” section. The good news? Brands are getting a lot more organic presence in the Newsfeed and connecting with friends of fans. The bad news? They may not know the content of the photos being shared on their Page.

Take a look at a small sample of photos from TD Garden’s Page, where the Bruins play hockey. There’s nothing objectionable about these pictures, but we can’t be sure what may have been posted following their loss and since deleted by the Page Admin.

Even if every image posted is brand appropriate, there’s still a lot more content for Admins to monitor and moderate. Prepare your Page by visiting Edit Page>Edit Settings>Posting Ability/Post Visibility from the Admin section of your Page, shown below.

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