Facebook Feature: Unread Stories

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Facebook has finally admitted (by way of new features) that the Newsfeed algorithm is lacking. It’s no secret that the organic reach of Pages has dropped dramatically, but chances are you miss a lot of stories from your friends, too. But not anymore!

See what you’ve been missing by visiting https://www.facebook.com/feed/missed_stories. Here you’ll find all the posts you didn’t see from your friends. Want to get more of their content in your real feed? Add them to your “Close Friends” list for in-Facebook notification of new posts. Or simply click through their profile and like a few things to give Facebook the hint that you still remember this pal.

Marketers, take note: Pages are conspicuously absent from this unread feed. So there’s no way to game this feature quite yet, but stay tuned. Users will see content shared from a Page by their friends, as seen below.

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