Everything New Is Old…Even On Facebook

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I was browsing through my own Facebook profile the other day, trying to explain something to my mom. She’s taken a new interest in social media and besides getting in arguments with people I don’t even know (she doesn’t understand the difference between “my” photos and photos I’ve “shared”) she wanted to know how to find old stuff she’d seen. I rarely browse profiles, sticking to the Newsfeed with only occasional clicks off, the norm now according to Facebook.

So as I scrolled through my own history, I experienced an odd sense of déjà vu. It looked so much like my profile from 6 years ago, back when there was the Apps tab and everyone pimped their profiles like MySpace. The left hand rail has gone through several design iterations, ending up basically back where it started. Just view the comparison below, with “old” Facebook on the left and “new” on the right. There is absolutely a larger focus on visual content, but Facebook has slowly started to add back in a lot of the profile “adornment” they moved away from around 2009.

I was having a similar discussion the other day, but about fashion. There are only some many styles that we are always just cycling through. Facebook has changed so much in many ways, and so little in others.

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