Email Marketing

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts

InterContinental Hotels coordinated an email and direct mail campaign to tell members of their Ambassador loyalty program about new offers exclusively for them. They wanted a promotional tone that didn’t take away from the status of the brand.



CoverbindDirect launched this word-of-mouth marketing promotion by emailing current Coverbind customers and scrapbooking enthusiasts identified through blogger outreach.
Subject: Create professionally bound scrapbooks and photo albums right at home

CoverbindDirect is celebrating the release of our new at-home professional binding machine by giving you the chance to win your own Coverbind® 1000 thermal binding system. Just tell us what you would do with one of these powerful little machines and you’re entered to win one for free!

The Coverbind® 1000 empowers at-home users to create professional-quality perfect bound books, in both soft cover and hardcover formats. Now anyone can bind real books cheaply and easily, without dealing with bulky, expensive machines or third-party printers.

If you love scrapbooking, digital photography or arts and crafts, this personal binding machine will help you turn these and other projects into personal gifts made completely by you. This machine is also great for school and business reports and can help give you that extra edge over the competition.

We know that we’ll never be able to imagine the incredible things you will do with your free binding machine, so we’d like you to share your most creative and genius ideas with us. The 25 ideas we like the most will get a free Coverbind® 1000 binding machine and a Photo Starter Kit.

Each kit includes your very own personal binder, the Corel® Photo Album 6 Photo Fun Software, one hardcover photo album or scrapbook, four photobooks, four themed photo greeting cards and enough photo paper to print and bind nine photo albums, photobooks or scrapbooks. Or, get really creative and bind something completely unique.

Enter to win a free personal binder and photo starter pack now!
Just tell us why you want a personal binding machine and photo kit so badly, and what cool stuff you would bind with it. A baby book for the bundle of joy in your life—be it a car, a pet or a piece of an office equipment; a scrapbook full of exes you can’t quite bring yourself to part with; a book of poetry so awful no publisher would print it?

Whatever you feel the need to bind, a CoverbindDirect personal binder can help you make it your own. Just tell us what it is you’d like to see in print and you’re entered to win!


Jeff Beatty

Jeff Beatty ran against John Kerry in November for the Massachusetts senate seat. These emails were sent to current supporters or donors toward the end of the campaign.

Subject: For anyone who’s had enough of John Kerry’s elitist agenda

Whether you live in Massachusetts or Montana, Boston or Boise, you’ve probably been affected by Senator Kerry at some point. And my guess is, not in a positive way. If you’ve had enough, please sign the petition at and help us put him into early retirement.

For the past 24 years, this “elite millionaire” has enjoyed his status as a Senator, raising taxes for the middle and working classes while he jets around on his private plane.

Kerry has spent his tenure crushing middle and working class families and small businesses with his pro-tax agenda. He has not passed a single bill into law in over 8 years; when he votes it is against tax relief and deductions for average American citizens.

But Kerry is most known for supporting his personal agenda with flip-flopping statements, like the infamous “I actually did vote for the $87 billion dollars, before I voted against it.”

This November, we have a chance to retire John Kerry for good, and replace him with a Senator that will fight for every American, not just the rich and elite. I, Jeff Beatty, am that Senator.

Please take a moment to sign the petition to retire John Kerry no matter what state you vote in.

If you know someone else who would like to get involved, please pass this on and ask them to sign the petition at:

Thank you!

Jeff Beatty

Subject: Spread the word on Facebook!

First off, a big thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far, on Facebook, elsewhere online and out on the campaign trail. We’ve made it this far thanks to the amazing grassroots support and it gets stronger every day. So again, thank you.

That said, I have a small favor to ask. If we’re Facebook friends and you haven’t become a supporter yet, please visit my page and click “Become a Supporter.” If you’re a supporter and not a friend, check out my profile and add me there. If you’re already a friend and a supporter, then please, help spread the word about the campaign!

Suggest friendships on Facebook, talk about the senate race and my campaign on your blog or website, comment on news articles or sign up to volunteer or donate in the coming months through my website.

I’d also like to send a message to John Kerry in this time before the election and prove how strong my following is by beating his “popularity” on Facebook. He currently has nearly 5000 supporters for his page; I think we can beat that. If everyone gets just 4 friends to join in support of my page we can beat Kerry on Facebook and set the tone for November.

It’s fast, it’s free, so please, take a moment and invite a few friends to become supporters of my page. Thank you again for all you’ve done so far, and don’t forget to vote in November!

Jeff Beatty