Customizing Tab Icons: A Quick Facelift for Your Facebook Page

Monday, 09 April 2012

The switch to Timeline for Facebook brand pages brought a whole host of changes, such as a cover photo and milestones, as well as the way you monitor and manage a page. Another major change was the decreased presence of Facebook tabs, now called apps. The Wall is now the default landing tab for all pages, making it harder to “likegate” content by forcing users to “like” the page before displaying certain information. However, along with these somewhat negative implications for tabs, Facebook also released a handy new feature: the ability to easily control and update the tab or app icon.

Customizing Facebook Tab Icons

Facebook shows 4 tabs (now called apps) in the default display of a Facebook page. Users can then click to show up to 8 more, giving brands a total of 12 spots to play with. App pages can now be up to 810 pixels wide, providing greater flexibility for marketers and a better user experience for fans. App icons have gotten an upgrade as well, expanding from just 16 x 16 pixels to 111 x 74 pixels in the new Timeline format. And while app icons were previously controlled exclusively by the developer and left no room for customization, Admins can now switch out icons as often as they want.

To update a tab or app icon on a Facebook brand page you control, go to the Admin Panel and click “manage.” From there, select “edit page,” then navigate to the “apps” section on the left hand side and select “edit settings” for the tab you want to update. Select “change ” next to Custom Tab and upload the icon you want for that tab. Remember, your icon can be up to 111 x 74 pixels, so use the space you’ve got!

You can update the icon for all the apps except for photos, which is controlled by your most recently updated photos, and the “like” count. You can also rearrange apps to give the most prominence to current campaigns or new content.  Consider creating custom branded stock icons  for things like email signup, news, etc. and rotating campaign icons frequently to attract new viewers. With this icon customization option, you can give your Facebook page a quick an easy facelift whenever you want.


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