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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

This is absolutely hysterical. Tribble Agency’s warning against buying and setting up a domain name for your company without double checking its, uh, other possible interpretations, is hilarious.My personal favorite is “Who Represents,” a searchablenewwhorepslogo.gif database of celebrity agents whose domain is of course, the company name… Classic.

The post is over a year old, so its hard to tell if they made up a lot of these names and sites for this express purpose, or if the company’s smartened up and changed URLs. Either way, it’s pretty entertaining-especially if you deal with issues like this with actual clients and sites, as my company does. It’s amusing how clueless some people are.

I don’t want to name names of the clients we’ve worked with, but since Tribble outed the California Therapist Finder (string them together…come on, think about it), I’ll use that as an example. You start a company and decide you need a website. The logical choice is therapist.gifyour company name. You look it up, see it’s available, and snap it up. Easy enough, right? Wrong.

You need an outside opinion, preferably from someone not connected to your business at all. Someone who is truly objective and has no prior knowledge of your site or services can tell you what your typical site visitor and potential customer will see when they find your site; in this case, the rapist finder, not therapist finder.

This is why people hire advertising agencies and search marketers; business owners are too close to their own company to do what is really in its, and their, best interest. An outside perspective can do what’s best, business-wise, because they are not personally tied to any idea.We fight with clients all the time over logos, taglines and keywords that they simply refuse to give up.

The only way to break through this is to remind clients that they hired you for a reason-because their method wasn’t working- so they need to let you do your job in order for them to do theirs. Whatever you’re working on, it never hurts to take a step back and look at it from another angle, whether it is your own project or someone else’s. You need to think like your target, and if you can’tpenisland.jpg do that, you need to hire someone who can.

Tribble got me thinking of other double entendre website URLs and now I’m dying to hear more. If you have any creative ideas, leave a comment-I could use some more laughter in the workday.

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  • Haha, I hadn’t seen that one before. Thanks for the mention, Alison, and nice article.

    Comment by David Airey — September 19, 2007 @ 11:37 am

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