A Friendly Reminder To Have Fun With Your Brand

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

It’s no secret that I love Disney. Disneyland, Disney movies, memories of Disney World growing up. It truly is the most wonderful place on earth. A place of magic. And part of that magic is the way you can enjoy and celebrate Disney in any way you choose. It’s become a huge part of our culture, and not just for kids. The recent “show your Disneyside” campaign was targeted directly at adults, making it cool for grownups to let loose and pose with characters at the parks. Disney has fun with their brand. And you should too!

In that spirit, take a look at the new line of Disney apparel that Black Milk just launched. Then think about how your brand could let loose a little and bring some fun to your customers. I’ll be busy trying to match Princess Leggings, to my existing wardrobe…

Sleeping Beauty Dress

sleeping beauty dress

Cinderella Leggings

cinderella leggings

Snow White Swimsuit

snow white swimsuit

Beauty And The Beast Dress

beauty and the beast dress

Disney Princess Leggings

disney princess leggings

Cinderella Dress

cinderella dress

Got a favorite Disney piece from the new collection, or idea inspiration for your brand? Share it in the comments below!

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