3 Quick Tips For Responding To Fans On Your Facebook Page

Tuesday, 02 July 2013

Facebook seems  to come out with updates almost daily, so it can be hard to keep up with what’s in, what’s out and what’s coming next. Right now it’s all about #hashtags, but there have been some handy updates to help make monitoring and responding to fans more efficient.

1- Sort Fan Comments By Popularity Or Date

Got a large fanbase and need to triage responses to hit influential fans first? There’s a sorting feature for that. Prefer to track comments chronologically? You can do that too. Facebook allows Page Admins to sort comments on post by recency or influence.

2- Reply Directly To Fans

With fast moving comments, it could be confusing for fans to know who a Page was replying to or what a response was in reference to. Not anymore. Now Page Admins can “reply” to individual comments, instead of just posting another comment in the chain.

3- Use @ Tags To Notify Fans Of A Reply

The reply feature makes it easier to see what comments go together, but using the @ mention can ensure a fan sees your response. This saves them headache, and you time replying again. To make it read naturally, type the @ sign, then start typing their name. Facebook will autofill their full name, but you can go back and remove their last name once you hit the space bar or type another character. (Note: some users have tagging turned off for Pages, but it’s worth testing out.)

Need help with something else? Facebook maintains a handy reference guide for Page Admins.

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