Newsjacking: Now Available On Facebook

Friday, 28 February 2014

By now, most marketers are schooled in Twitter’s trending topics. But did you know that Facebook shows you what’s trending now too? For me, the last 2 days have been filled with Pixar theories, most specifically the true identity of Andy’s mom in Toy Story. Spoiler alert: she’s the original owner of Jessie, the cowgirl companion to Andy’s Woody.

The internet is abuzz with this not-yet-verified by Disney news. So what does the Disney store do? They post an innocent photo of Jessie on Facebook with the question “What do you love most about Jessie?” Just a simple question, no mention of this theory at all.

And it is a simple question. Simple in its brilliance. You see, with Jessie top of mind, this post will naturally resonate with fans and drive increased engagement, resulting in incremental impressions in the Newsfeed. Even more brilliant because they tagged the Jessie fan page on Facebook, a move that promises to place this post in the feed of that page’s fans as well, thanks to a new development in Newsfeed delivery of tagged content.

The takeaway? Take advantage of current events and Facebook features to improve your marketing efforts for free. Just make sure that you jump on to relevant news. You don’t want to a) drive non-targeted traffic; b) confuse the message; or c) become a cautionary tale. But if you can discover related news and create similar, branded content quickly, realtime marketing success can be yours.

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Facebook Feature: Pages To Watch

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Score one for the little guys: Facebook’s “Pages To Watch” is a helpful competitive analysis tool that allows you to track the competition using Facebook Insights. Currently only available for pages with 10,000 likes or less, it shows you how you stack up against up to 5 competitors, as seen below.

To use, open the Admin Panel of your Facebook Page. If it’s active for your Page (and it should be for any page under 10,000 likes) you will see the middle bottom box with the option to add Pages. Simply type the name of a competitor to search for their Page and start tracking! You’ll be able to see how these pages are growing, as well as receive an alert when their posts perform well and engagement increases.

No word on if/when this will be added to larger pages, but let’s hope so. I’ll update as more information becomes available.

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How Many Subaru Ads Can You Watch Without Crying

Monday, 24 February 2014

Ready? Go!

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Facebooks Shows Page Admins Who’s Posting

Saturday, 22 February 2014

It’s a small tweak, but worth noting. Facebook has rolled out a new feature that lets Page Admins see who posted as the Page. Currently, it’s only showing up for Page posts (see below) and not replies, but if it’s expanded to any Page action it could be a big help for following up on customer service issues.

Important to note that only other Admins of the Page can see your personal name; fans will still just see the standard Page name.

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My Mom Put The Kibosh On Barbie and Ken’s Booty Call

Friday, 21 February 2014

Apparently I am not the only kid who wanted Barbie to get some. As I was reading about how much sex Ann Friedman’s Barbie’s got (so much) it reminded me of a random childhood afternoon that has turned into a treasured and hilarious memory with age.

My mom and I were playing Barbies; I was probably 8 or so. Usually I played alone, making up elaborate stories in my head, but today my mom had joined in, so the narration was real. As Barbie’s day wound down, I announced that it was time for bed. My mom asked where Ken slept and I gave her the side eye before replying “in the bed.” My mom then asked if Ken and Barbie were married. “No, but they’re dating and there’s plenty of room.” “Sorry,” my mom said,” if they’re not married, Ken has to sleep on the couch.”

And that was that, a pink plastic pull-out it was for Ken. I’m not sure my mom even remembers this. But whenever I played Barbies after that, I felt guilty as I slipped Ken into Barbie’s bed.

My mom used my toys to teach me something. Barbie could have been a librarian or a stripper, it didn’t matter. My mom did her job as a parent to make our playtime mean something. (Sorry I forgot later in life and moved in with my boyfriend, but he’s my husband now, so it all worked out.)

Barbie gets a lot of flack for promoting an unhealthy body image, but I never even noticed her proportions until a middle school assembly pointed out that she couldn’t stand up. I still remember that day too, when I was told my innocent little plastic dolls had been trying to force me on a diet.

Barbie’s not bad. And neither are video games or toy guns. Mattel isn’t going to teach little girls that they can be astronauts, or that they need to buy fake boobs. It’s up to the parents to explain why Barbie can have so many careers. Entrepreneur Barbie? Love it. And if they ever make a social media marketing Barbie, you can bet she’ll be sitting pretty on my desk.

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