Something To Believe In

Friday, 21 June 2013

I’ve always had a strong belief in fate. (I even have a tattoo about it.) Some people, particularly my husband Dan Zarrella, think it’s weird. But as I approach the 7 year anniversary of the day we met, I can’t help but think there’s a reason for everything. So think of this as my weird (or maybe just quirky?) way of saying I love you sweetie, and whatever the reason, I’m glad I was there that day.

By all accounts, we really never should have met, let alone ended up together. See, I graduated from college a year early, so under normal circumstances I would have been in school (or on summer break) not applying for jobs in the real world. But there I was, 20 years old and starting my career. Almost. I missed my first interview, which at a lot of places would have meant no second interview. But they rescheduled, and shortly after that, I was hired.

Fast forward to first day of work: I meet the team, which is 13 guys under 30, the 2 owners over 50, and me. It’s hard to remember everyone’s names, but 1 guy stands out as a total jerk, and, I thought, gay. Who knew I’d end up marrying him? Certainly not me! In the beginning of the new job I kept to myself, because it was a boys’ club and frankly, I had nothing to say to most of them. But, like a third grader, this jerk (who I finally remembered was named Dan) would make fun of me. Slowly, we became friends. But I had a boyfriend, and he a girlfriend. (Nope, not gay. But still kind of a jerk.)

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How To: Identify and Reply to Facebook Fans

Friday, 07 June 2013

As Facebook continues to grow and more and more companies (and users) sign up, we can start to see patterns among the types of people who join Facebook and how they use the site. No longer is it just for college kids and social media dorks; Facebook is for everyone. But everyone doesn’t use it in exactly the same way.

Think about your own behavior. Do you connect with only close friends, or people you’ve met in real life? Or do you accept every invite that comes your way? Does that extend to connecting with brands as well? For example, you could connect only with real friends and family, and brands that you use frequently. But you might also want to see what your old college roommate is up to, even if you haven’t spoken in awhile, or “like” a more aspirational page of a vacation destination you haven’t traveled to yet but hope to visit someday.

And what do you do with these friends and brands? Are you a compulsive liker who thumbs-ups everything, or more of a lurker, quietly observing? When it comes to brands, a new infographic polls a variety of sources to develop a personality report for the 7 most common fans.

It’s interesting (and often humorous) to read these somewhat-caricatures of fans you have undoubtedly encountered if you manage any social media marketing initiatives. It also raises a very valid point: fans are different, and we need to speak to them differently, based on their preference, needs, wants and current attitude or state of mind.

A social media customer service plan can help you get ahead of the game and not only identify your core customers, but how to reply to them for continued social media success. Understanding their needs and wants, and translating that into a carefully crafted social media message, can win you fans for life, both online and off.

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