How To Use Facebook’s New Post Targeting Features To Create Engaging Content

Tuesday, 04 September 2012

In case you hadn’t figured it out by now, I’m a serious Facebook geek. I get super excited over oven mitts and stickers that let you “like” everything in real life. Not to mention new Facebook features. So when brand pages got new targeting abilities for page posts last week, I did a little happy dance.

I won’t show you the dance but trust me, it’s good. And why so happy? For starters, the new targeting is free. And who doesn’t love free? Facebook often reserves their best stuff for the big-wig advertisers, so it’s nice to get some free features everyone can enjoy. Yes, there still are a lot more ways to target users through paid promotion, but the addition of gender, age, relationship status, education level and romantic interests is huge. Add that to the previous language and geographic options and you are well on your way to a highly targeted Facebook post.

So how do you use these features to your advantage? Here are a few ideas.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Play around with how post targeting works, especially if you haven’t used regional posts before. You can get pretty far along in the process without publishing, so don’t worry about accidentally updating the page. Normally you could use a test page for this but if you don’t have any fans, it won’t work. Try a post that you wouldn’t mind if it went to all (or none) of your fans.

Check Your Insights

From the admin panel of your Facebook page, click “Insights,” then “Likes.” This will show you the gender, age, country, city and language information for all your fans. It doesn’t go as deep as post targeting but it gives you an idea of your current fan base. And as you add targeting criteria to a post, it will tell you exactly how many fans match the information you’re targeting.

Compare Demographic Averages

Using some basic demographic information and statistics for the country as a whole, you can very quickly make some valid assumptions and use them to target posts. The average age for women in the US to get married is 26? Talk about engagement rings to women age 24-27 who are “in a relationship” but not engaged. It sounds simple, but most pages don’t target effectively.

Think Outside The Box

Granted, engagement rings are easy. But there are lots of other ways you can get creative with targeting. Extrapolate beyond marriage and think about what people starting a new family would want to read. Target geographic areas to talk about weather or local sports. Whatever your business, there is a way to make a post seem more relevant to fans with these targeting tools.

Experiment. Get creative. Go nuts! The beauty of the new Facebook targeting features is that it targets fans only as far as the Newsfeed. So if your targeting isn’t exact, or someone hasn’t filled out their profile correctly to match what you select, they can still see the post if they visit your page itself.

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