Two Simple Facebook Features Your Page Should Be Using

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Ah, Facebook. It seems like everyone I’ve ever met, and every brand I’ve ever heard of, is on there. Which is great, because I love the site and I’ve never been stingy with “likes.” But the huge number of Facebook Profiles and Pages poses quite a few challenges for marketers. How do you break through the clutter of a congested and swiftly moving Newsfeed? What’s the best way to reach the right target market and provide effective messaging? And how do you do this without blowing all your budget on paid advertising?

Improve Facebook Messaging and Targeting, For Free

There is no one quick fix on Facebook, and advertising is often a large part of a social media marketing strategy. But there are also plenty of free, standard Facebook features that will help you widen your Facebook reach, improve messaging and better target potential customers.By adding a mix of regional posts to your current content strategy, as well as @ mentions, you’ll be able to target messaging to fans in specific geographic areas and cross-promote your content on like-minded Facebook Pages.

Post a Regional Facebook Update

When a Facebook user signs up for the site, they start by filling out a Profile. This includes basic information, like their birthdate and where they live, as well as their favorite activities, movies, books and more. In the Facebook advertising platform, you can pay to target people very specifically based on their profile information. But you can also target your own fans for free using a regional post. Specify a certain city, state or group of states to show a status update to and only the fans who live in that area will be able to see your page’s post.

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