How To: Use EdgeRank to Improve Facebook Page Views and Fans

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Maybe it’s me. But the word algorithm makes me itchy. And yet, it’s behind one of the most fascinating and important features for Facebook Pages: EdgeRank.

What’s an EdgeRank?

There’s a complicated formula behind it, but Facebook is keeping mum about the exact way they calculate EdgeRank. The basic idea centers around engagement. Obviously, the more fans you have, the better. But Facebook is also looking for quality of fans. How often do they take part on your Page, interacting with your content? Do they post pictures, like comments, leave their own wall posts?

Have you ever noticed that you see some friends in your Newsfeed all the time, while others seem to shun Facebook? It’s not exactly true, but your perception of their Facebook activity comes from previous Facebook interactions (or lack thereof). If you commented on Friend A’s photos a few times and they posted back on your wall, and now you click through to keep seeing their new albums in your Newsfeed, you’ll continue to see the content they post. But if you missed a bunch of updates from Friend B and never engaged with their posts, Facebook will remove them from your Newsfeed.

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