Spring Clean Your Social Media Strategy

Monday, 18 April 2011

Spring has sprung! (Or it will any day now.) For me, this means serious closet cleaning and sandal shopping. But if you’re trying to increase your presence in social media, spring cleaning should have a different meaning. It’s time to dust off your old social media strategy (if you have one) and start fresh. Don’t get stuck in a rut because it’s “what you’ve always done.” Spring is for new beginnings, whether it’s fixing something that’s broken or trying a new promotion.

Because I’m both a heavy social media user and a consultant, I’ve interacted with a lot of brands. Some for work, some for fun. So I’ve seen some social media savvy brands who definitely “get” it. And by that I mean balancing customer service with promotional content in a way that allows them to engage with fans in a fun, on-brand way.

Unfortunately, I’ve also come across a few companies that have missed the boat on social media, and sometimes customer service, completely. They ignore questions or cries for help on Twitter and wait until they turn into a Yelp or YouTube PR problem to take action. Worse, they whitewash Facebook posts and delete negative comments to paint a pretty picture of their product or service.

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