New and Improved Internet Shopping

Monday, 24 January 2011

I love shopping. (Shocker, right?) And while nothing beats the thrill of the chase through the Saks 60% off sale or early bird deals on Black Friday, the internet makes it possible to score fabulous deals on designers in a way no human shopper could do on her own. Sites that scour the web for your favorite brands and deliver targeted results to your inbox can even pinpoint deals in your size only. Google shopping allows you to narrow by price. And of course, sample sale sites tempt you with flash sales of designers from all price points.

With the help of a well-targeted PR pitch, I recently discovered Style Retail, a Massachusetts-based “shopping portal” that’s reminiscent of Google shopping, but so much more. Style Retail includes the basic principles of a Google shopping search–browse by brand, refine by price, color or store–but is clearly designed by and for the avid internet fashionista. (Which, in case you missed the memo, is totally me.)

I took to Style Retail to hunt down my latest purse obsession and compare prices on Marc Jacobs bags. The results? Way more appealing than Google could ever provide. Plus, you can save searches or add specific items to your wishlist once you sign up. (It’s free and takes 2 seconds.)

Style Retail explains that their goal is “to make online shopping informative, as well as flexible with multiple filtering methods.” I’d say they succeeded. Their blog has fun tips on how to wear trends, which is always helpful on a fashion site. (Bonus points for the blog post on sparkly shoes.)

My prediction? Style Retail will actually make my online shopping take longer, but in a good way. I could see myself getting lost in this site for hours, while I quickly get frustrated on most other digital bargain hunts. So while this site might not be great for your wallet, it’s perfect for picking out a new one. Bottom line? Make this your go-to site for hard to find items and save some time. (And maybe even money.)

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The Facebook Marketing Book: Now In Stock

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

As this blog is a testament to, I love Facebook. Like, really love Facebook. I discovered the joys of poking and picture tagging my freshman year at Boston University. My roommate and I would spend hours procrastinating on what would now be considered a pretty bare bones version of the social network. Flash forward to life after college and I’m working at a small web design firm, where my future husband and I begin consulting with clients on how to use Facebook for business.

Cut to now and you’ve got my latest collaboration with the hubby: The Facebook Marketing Book from O’Reilly. Dan and I co-wrote this book in the midst of planning our wedding and it was definitely a labor of love. (We even made edits while on our honeymoon.) This book is your step by step guide to building a Facebook brand presence and making a Facebook marketing campaign more manageable. It’s got tons of tips and tricks for using apps, developing a content strategy and monitoring and managing your Page.

Win a Copy of The Facebook Marketing Book

What book about Facebook would be complete without a Facebook Page? Not this one! Check it out, and leave a comment on Facebook for your chance to win a copy of our new book. Just let us know why you want a copy and you’ll be entered to win. We’ll choose 5 winners at random by Friday, January 21, 2011 to get a free copy of the print edition. (The only catch? You’ve got to have an address in the continental US to be eligible.)

Not-so-lucky with winning? That’s OK. You can buy the book now on Amazon, in print or for your Kindle.

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Why The New Facebook Profiles Are Not-So-Nice

Wednesday, 05 January 2011

Every day my Facebook Newsfeed is filled with more mentions of friends updating to the new Facebook Profile. This, of course, is what Facebook was banking on: you see your friends trying something new, and you want to see what all the fuss is about. But how many realize why Facebook is trying this new profile design? My guess is, not many.

The new look is designed to create more clickable links that are featured prominently in a user’s profile. Workplace, hometown, relationship status and other pertinent information are now displayed at the top of the profile on all tabs. This compels people to add more info to utilize the space, and convinces friends to stick around longer as they click through more links to other parts of Facebook.

The novelty of the new profile, as well as the widely publicized photo trick, makes people play with the new features and convince their friends to jump on the bandwagon. And while it seems like the new profile offers fun new features that help you quickly see new updates and content from friends, it’s really just “tricking” users into sticking around longer. With each new link Facebook creates within a user’s profile, Facebook guarantees longer time on-site. But at what cost to the average user?

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