The 10 Second Facebook Fix Guaranteed to Send You More Traffic

Tuesday, 03 August 2010

Use the Info box. You can put a clickable link in there! You just need to include the http:// part first.

Yes, it really is that simple. And yet, more than half of Facebook page admins don’t seem to realize that they can add a link in that box. And some of the ones that do include a link, never bothered to test it. If they had, they would know that including a link is only half the battle. You need the http:// to make it clickable and spare your potential page members from retyping (and possible forgetting) your URL.

What’s an Info Box?

The Info box is a small, 250 character count box located below the page or profile icon. And it is an underused goldmine, for both traffic and SEO purposes. This Info box is one of the first things a current page member sees, as it has prominent placement when they are looking at either the Wall or Info tab. And while potential page members, who have not yet clicked “like,” can and should be directed to a more custom landing tab, they will more than likely very quickly click to see the Wall and, therefore, the Info box.

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