Page Admins: Don’t Bother Sending An Update To Facebook Fans (Or Whatever They’re Called Now)

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

OK, I’m calling it: marketers should probably give up on mass messaging people who “Like” their Facebook Page (Facebook users formerly known as “Fans,” who, coincidentally, Facebook still calls “Fans” in the admin section of all Pages).

A few months ago, I talked about how Facebook moved the notifications for Page updates to a subset of the Facebook private messaging system. Basically, they buried them. Go check your Updates Inbox; if you’re anything like me, there are a lot of “unread” blue dots in there.

Page Updates Moved to Messages

These mass messages sent from Facebook Page Administrators to the entire group of people who “Like” a Page used to have their own little icon indicator at the top left-hand side of the Facebook navigation bar, where Messages, Notifications and Friend Requests still live. Now, the only way to access these updates is from the messages section; it almost looks like they are a subfolder of these messages. And while you can choose to get email alerts about a lot of site goings-on, Page Updates are not one of these options. And so, most people never notice them.

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Get Graduation-Ready, Social Media Style

Friday, 07 May 2010

It’s that time again! Besides random excuse-for-a-sale holidays, it’s also graduation season. Very soon, scores of barely legal to drink college graduates will be flooding the job market, looking for their first big break after school. But outside the trauma of most likely having to move home, many grads have a lot more on their minds then ever before: the internet, and how they are represented on it.

A lot has changed in just the few short years since I graduated. Back then, there was no Twitter. I had a Facebook account, but there was little available to do on the site besides poke and post pictures. Blogging seemed incredibly dull and self indulgent, and I had no idea that I could, or should, purchase my name as a domain name.

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