The Internet, In Infographics

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I’ve got a growing collection of images I think are cool slowly taking over my desktop, so I figured it was time to share. (This is why they stay on my desktop; until I do something with them, as a motivator to blog, print, wallpaper or what have you with them. So far, it’s maybe half working.)

I owe these infographics about the internet to Fast Company, who reported on a BBC study that charted the 100 most visited websites in January. You can read more about their findings on the BBC News site. They’ve also got a great hover feature that allows further breakdown of each interest category.

What We’re Looking At Online


I kind of wish that search had been broken out into types of searches and mapped to the more targeted interest groups, but I guess that strays a little far from site visits into site behavior. But I love that, all search engines aside, social networks and shopping are officially recognized as such a big part of other people’s internet lives besides mine.

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Sometimes, Good Marketing Means Making Fun of Yourself

Monday, 22 March 2010

Mistakes happen. Websites break, typos get printed and stores run out of sale items. And with more and more people using social media to talk about their experiences with brands, you better be prepared to hear not only the raves, but also a few

Love It or Hate It, People Talk About Your Brand

Whether it’s on Facebook or over the phone, people tend to spread information when they fall on either end of the love/hate spectrum. If you’re right in the middle, you’re probably not going to tell your friends, online or off, about the average experience you just had. But if some email was too horrible for words, or a customer service rep was unbelievably stellar, you are much more likely to spread the word.

Unfortunately for brands, there are far more haters in the world who relish the time they spend bashing mistakes and website downtime, yet rarely take the time for outspoken praise. What’s a brand to do? You can’t spend all day defending yourself, so it’s best to be on the offensive. And sometimes, that means making fun of yourself.

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It’s All About Art Direction

Wednesday, 03 March 2010

Yes, yesterday I said that it’s not an ad without a headline. But good ads can be copy or art driven. And while not the most visually striking piece of work, this advertisement pulls at your heart strings, then quickly turns you on your head and makes you laugh…or maybe roll your eyes. In either case, it’s highly effective–at least at first–because it uses a known look and feel that we all sympathize with, meant to mimic the not-so-beautiful-but-very-emotional ads that ask us to feed the children or save the animals. healthiernynow-pennies-030210big

But this ad is asking New York state residents to approve a tax on sugar, money that would then go toward health services meant to lower obesity, as well as lower consumption by raising prices on high-sugar beverages.

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It’s Not an Ad Without a Headline

Tuesday, 02 March 2010

Though my heart belongs to Facebook, I still love more traditional forms of advertising. I constantly rip pages from magazines, print out ads I find on and take screen grabs of exceptionally good (or bad) banner ads.

As a copywriter, I appreciate great, copy-driven ads that rely on clever lines, cool fonts and simple, if any, visuals. Sometimes these are difficult to find on Ads of the World, because, as they name suggests, they show the best creative from around the globe. And the wittiest of lines are usually the ones that get lost in translation the fastest.

Print Ads Worth Talking About

However, this set of ads for Albert Dali Naming Consultants in India hits the mark spot on. And really, if your business is naming, you better have some clever, copy-driven ads, right?

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