3 Reasons Why You Need a Facebook Page

Sunday, 21 February 2010

I tell everyone–clients, friends, family, random strangers, you name it–that they need a Facebook Page. All the time. I’ve done blog posts on it, PubCon presentations with standing room only, internal meetings at work. Some people get it; others seem convinced that Facebook, and the rest of social media, is just a passing fad, and that a website alone will serve them well for years to come.

Facebook Page Now = Website 10 Years Ago

Wake up call: it won’t. You need a Facebook Page, and you need it now. A Facebook Page today is quickly becoming like a website 10 years ago; it looks strange when you don’t have one. Your competitors are on Facebook, so you should be too– at the very least to keep up, and hopefully do them one better. There are potential customers out there who prefer Facebook to “the general web,” and you need to reach them. Facebook also allows you to reach the friends of these potential customers. Getting the picture?

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Facebook Fan Page Updates Get a New Home

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Missing Out On Facebook Page Updates? Here’s Why.

As you may have noticed, Facebook has gone through a lot of changes recently. Privacy settings, the public news stream and Groups have all gotten an overhaul. Some changes were more policy-based, others design or visual tweaks; most recently, the Facebook team updated the layout of the home page. ButPicture 2 tucked in amongst the last several rounds of revisions to the site was one small change that is a much bigger deal than most people have realized: the “Updates” notification has moved.

Status Updates vs. Inbox Updates

To explain why this could be such a big deal, it’s important to distinguish “Updates” with a capital “U” from “Status Updates” that appear in the news stream or changes to the site that are just regular old updates or changes that any kind of website would make.

A proper “Update” is something I often refer to as an “Inbox Update,” as this type of message is displayed like a private message in your Facebook inbox, except that it is from an administrator of a Facebook Page and can be sent to an entire Fan Page population.

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(Wedding) Email Marketing At Its Worst

Wednesday, 03 February 2010

Call me old-fashioned, but I like email. As much as I enjoy Facebook, their private messaging system seems less than secure and much more apt to lose information than my trusty Gmail account. And I would be lost without the organizing, labeling and archiving features of email.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I shop (a lot), and so I of course get a ton of sale/coupon/shopping event emails. Which might be contributing to why I love email so much. Now that I’m planning a wedding (to the one and only social and viral marketing scientist, Dan Zarrella), I get even more email. Weddings are a huge money-making industry, and the internet has elevated this cash cow to new heights.

Weddings = Timeless = BAD Digital Marketing

While many planning aspects have been made easier and more affordable thanks to wedding websites, it appears that just as many, if not more, wedding vendors have no idea what they are doing online. Weddings are timeless, and some companies are definitely stuck in the past. Much like mortgages, weddings are a huge search term, and a bride-to-be’s email address is a highly sought commodity. But it seems that many wedding vendors have zero budget for design or marketing advice.

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