Adjust Your Facebook Privacy Settings to Drive More Site Traffic

Monday, 25 January 2010

While doing my usual early-morning Facebook perusal today, I noticed a small but very cool change: they’ve moved the “website” section of my personal info to what I like to call the “pertinent information” box on the left side of my profile, underneath my profile picture.Picture 1

Give Links More Prominent Profile Placement

Why am I so excited? Because now you can see links to my blog and Twitter links as soon as you land on my Facebook profile, instead of having to click over to the “Info” tab and scroll down. This also means that these links are visible the entire time you view my Profile, regardless of the Tab you click on.

Groundbreaking news, no, but kind of a big deal for people that are using Facebook for some serious networking or looking to get more traffic to whatever site(s) they are pimping on Facebook. It would also be a big help if you’re (incorrectly) using a Facebook Profile instead of a Facebook Page for marketing a brand or business, but I won’t go there.

It seems that when Facebook rolled out their new Privacy Settings, checking “Everyone” for certain information will move it over to this more prominent placement. To put your website links in this lefthand box, go to Privacy Settings>Contact Information and select “Everyone” from the dropdown menu for “Website.” I also allow “Everyone” to see “About Me” and “Personal Information.”

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Tweet Cloud for @alison

Monday, 18 January 2010

I’m a sucker for anything that I can personalize. When it includes pretty colors and different fonts and is literally all about me? I’m in love.

Enter Tweet Cloud, a fun, easy way to get a scarily accurate look at your favorite Twitter topics in tag cloud format. Now, I’ve tried a lot of Twitter personality and conversation analysis tools, but this one is super simple to grasp and most definitely true. 749d2f4be6793583864d3b8d9a35a02c

Don’t believe me? Start following me (@alison) and then tell me that shopping, wedding, Buffy, sale, social and Facebook are not the perfect tags for me.

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How a Twitter ReTweet Promotion Really Works

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

While I don’t work for or with them, I often use men’s and women’s clothing retailer Express as a great example of social media marketing. Formerly part of Limited Brands, which includes Victoria’s Secret, another social media powerhouse, Express only recently started selling clothes online and are relatively new to the Twittersphere. But they jumped in, in a big way, and are doing a great job.Picture 6

Chief Marketing Officer “Lisa G” Tweets from the account @ExpressLisaG and has definitely learned a lot since they started. She responds to people, compliments Express-component outfits and Tweets fashion advice and articles. A little bit of everything, and while she doesn’t pimp the competition, it’s not all salesy and self-promotional either. She notifies followers of sales and new collections coming in, but her stream isn’t all Express, all day.

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Get Social With Facebook Connect Cocktails

Monday, 11 January 2010

Great news for Facebook fans like myself: the social network is following in the footsteps of 50 Cent and getting its very own flavor of Vitamin Water! It’s called Connect, and, much like Facebook, it’s got a lot FB vitamin watergoing on: the flavor is a black-cherry lime combination that sounds like it may be somewhat of an acquired taste if the fruity flavors come on strong. Nevertheless, I LOVE the idea, as I love all things Facebook and have never been one to shy away from any type of marketing or branding hyjinks.

Bring Friend Requests to the Bar With a Round of Facebook-Inspired Drinks

The flavor was created by one of Vitamin Water’s Facebook fans, using a Facebook application of course. It’s no surprise that the self-serving name won, as it garnered way more press for the site than a “normal” name would have. And while I’ll probably buy at least one bottle to see what Facebook tastes like (mental picture, anyone?), I’m most excited about the mixology potential for Facebook’s Connect Vitamin Water.

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Advertising Through The Ages

Thursday, 07 January 2010

I just discovered the Vintage Ad Browser, and I can see many hours being “wasted” scrolling through centuries of marketing messaging on a myriad of products, industries, brands and services. Seriously, they’ve got ads dating back to 1790, all the way up to 2000.

I Love the ’80s

I’m a little bit too young to actually remember the ’80s, but I’m still a huge fan of the site’s ’80s fashion ads. And while even the newer ads look kind of dated already, everything about clothing ads from the decade of decadence screams “look how clever and cool we are!!!!” From their cutesy headlines and playful puns to cheesy design elements and garish colors, ’80s fashion ads are a trainwreck you just can’t tear your eyes away from.

Designer Fashion Ads Are Always In Style

The only style of advertising that doesn’t immediately make you cringe is high-end fashion, which hasn’t changed much: artsy photography and a brand name in the lower corner. But don’t despair; the actual fashion being advertised is still laughable.

My favorite ad is now being proudly displayed on my desk, and may have given me a new motto: “It’s not just whether you win or lose, but how you look playing the game.”

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Fashion and Tech Mean More Than Men

Monday, 04 January 2010

Skinny Jeans Beat Sex

Last week, women were all aTwitter (literally) about a new poll that suggests British women would rather fit into their skinny jeans than have sex. For those that don’t speak girl, that means we’re holding onto a pair of pants that don’t quite fit anymore, and we’d rather lose the weight necessary to wear these so-called “goal jeans” again than get laid.

I’d argue that the confidence boost from losing those last 5 pounds might help you get lucky with the male species as well, but the poll considered it an either or. And it appears we’d rather look good than feel good.

Blackberries Are Better Than Boyfriends

Now a new survey is proclaiming that British women would also rather lose their boyfriend than their mobile phone. Makes you wonder if there are a lot of skinny, horny women running around London texting their girlfriends.

It would be interesting to see how men answered similar questions. While guys like tech toys, are they as tied to them as women? And do they face the same body issues, or would testosterone trump vanity? My guess is they want sex without the phone…but I’ve been wrong before.

US ladies, do you agree with our UK sisters? Let me know in the comments!

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