Party (Safely) This New Year

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

While Christmas may be over, if you’re anything like me, the holidays are still in full swing. There are after-Christmas sales to shop, half-price candy displays and plenty of New Year’s festivities to keep you merry all month long. And while my biggest weakness during this time of good cheer is keeping my cookie intake at a minimum, it’s also a time when many people over-indulge in other ways…like with the adult beverages. And while a glass of eggnog might not be so great for your waist, it’s a fine way to celebrate the holidays with friends and family–provided you’ve planned ahead and designated a sober driver for the evening.

Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving

Picture 2

If you live in New England (like me), then you know that winter is not the greatest driving season, even for an experienced road warrior. Black ice, potholes and blinding snow are NOT your car’s friends. More people are on the roads, traveling and shopping, and kids are wound up from excitement and sugar. Take all these factors, and add in a driver who’s had even “just a few” drinks, and it could mean disaster.

I say “just a few” in quotes because we’ve all heard someone say it at one point or another. It’s a common belief that you can go out, have a few cocktails and then drive home. It’s called “buzzed driving,” and a lot of people think it’s perfectly acceptable, legal and safe. However, this mistaken idea often ends in arrest, accident or even death.

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