Happy Thanksgiving! 5 Things I’m Thankful For

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

It’s (almost) Thanksgiving! Even though I don’t eat turkey, Thanksgiving is my my absolute favorite holiday. Christmas is a close second, butistockphoto_10244291-turkey-cartoon Thanksgiving always seems much less stressed. It’s all about food, family and friends. It’s been a crazy, exciting and overall wonderful 2009, and I’ve got lots to be thankful for; here are the top 5 things I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving.

My Mom

For instilling in me a love of writing the way only an English teacher could, and refusing to let me be ashamed of how much I liked to read. And for humoring my 7 year old self’s Bick razor jingles.

My Fiancé

For taking me seriously when no one else would, and listening to all my wacky ideas–and occasionally even turning them into websites. Along with all the other usual lovey-dovey stuff, it’s nice that he’s a social media dork, too.

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Social Media Content Development and Distribution Strategies

Friday, 20 November 2009

I recently spoke at Pubcon Las Vegas on how to use social media as part of an ongoing content strategy. Tactics and tips for utilizing social media in your content strategy include optimizing for social networks like Facebook, creating higher user engagement, creating more frequent and relevant content, and spreading that content across multiple channels for a greater reach. This presentation was brief, and by no means an exhaustive set of ideas, but is more than enough to get you started and help you test the social media waters, so to speak.

How Social Networks Can Help Fuel Your Content Strategy

The key takeaway from this presentation is that people are beginning to expect brands, of all sizes, to be actively using social media. 5 years ago, we would have been surprised at a company without a website; now, we’re surprised at those without Facebook Pages. Businesses can really benefit from social media, and use it to create more relevant, interesting and targeted traffic on their site, as well as funnel leads and potential customers to their site from social media hot spots like Facebook and Twitter.

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Top 3 Business Travel Beauty Accessories for Female Fashionistas

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Ladies, let me preface this by saying I do not pack light. Not for planes, trips to the mall, a day at the office, anything. I like big bags, and I like to be prepared. That said, checking baggage is a huuuuge pain, and something my dear fiance is practically allergic to. And really, he’s right, especially when traveling for business. Trips aren’t usually that long, time is money, and you need to look your best at all times; you can’t afford to be stuck in one wrinkled outfit because the airline lost your bag.

In an effort to turn into a carry-on queen, I’ve made lists and researched the best packing methods. And thanks to my tireless efforts and dedication to all types of shopping, I’ve found three of the most indispensible travel accessories, for business, pleasure, or a little of both.

Sally Hansen Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen

I have yet to find a manicure that can survive high altitudes and major keyboard tapping intact. But nail polish is messy, and often too bulky to fit in my precious liquids Ziploc bag. I was scouring (in vain) the makeup aisle of CVS for some mini polishes when I noticed Sally Hansen’s paint pen.

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