Synonyms for Power: Male, Manly and Masculine

Monday, 12 October 2009

I was playing with an online thesaurus today, attempting to write taglines (admittedly, one of my weaknesses) and happened to look up the word “power.” To my surprise, I discovered that some accepted synonyms for “power” include “male,” “manful,” “manlike,” “manly” and “masculine.”

Sexist Synonyms?


What do you think? Sexist, surprising, or neither? I don’t exactly consider myself a feminist, and I definitely think I have a sense of humor about a lot of subjects many women consider touchy, such as the Motrin Moms fiasco and most fratire literature. But are the words “power” and “male” really interchangeable?

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New Twitter Analysis Tool, Dr. TweetDreams

Monday, 12 October 2009

A few weeks ago, I had a very weird dream. Which, of course, I now can’t remember. But I do remember thinking “wouldn’t it be great if I could Tweet about my dream, and a dream analysis doctor or dictionary would tell me what it meant?” Unfortunately, no such service was available. Until today.

Twitter Dream Analysis

That’s the beauty of having a geeky, programmer-prone boyfriend: you tell them this random, yet very cool idea you had, and a few weeks later, it’s a reality! Dr. TweetDreams, which we are affectionately calling an @alison and @danzarrella project, goes live today.

Picture 2

See what your dreams mean by putting in your Twitter username and undergoing a sophisticated dream analysis that uses Gustavus Hindman Miller’s dream dictionary and some linguistic processing that I don’t fully understand, but sounds very scientific. You can also browse through other Twitter users’ recent dreams.

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