Facebook Launches @ Tagging

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Facebook is going through changes faster than a pre-teen hitting puberty: first, they removed regional networks, then they streamlined the inbox and today they announced the addition of tagging to status updates and posts. Sounds like par for the course; Facebook was one of the first social networks to allow and even encourage tagging. But we’re used to tagging photos and media that clearly show the person we are tagging; status updates are usually quick thoughts, snippets of words and random musings. So how will tags function in this text based content?

With an @ sign, just like on Twitter. Well, with a little bit of a Facebook spin. The ‘book has always been handy with predictive search, and their new tagging system for status updates and posts will rely heavily on predictive typing.

Just Like Twitter…

When you want to tag someone in text, just like on Twitter, you begin with an @ symbol, then start typing their name. Facebook will take over and show you friends whose names match the letters you have typed, as it does in photo tagging or event invites.

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What Removing Regional Facebook Networks Means for You

Thursday, 03 September 2009

Facebook has been making a lot of big (and small) changes lately…like moving from a round to a sharp corner on avatars and cleaning up the look of your inbox. But while the regional network change may sound like just another Facebook tweak, it’s actually kind of a big deal. And not in the Will Ferrell way.

No More Local Networks

When Facebook first launched, it was for Harvard students only, then the Ivies, and gradually more and more colleges and universities. Finally, this social network opened up to anyone with an email address and started down the road to the site as we now know it. But Facebook’s college connection roots started a precedent for how people “got found,” creating college networks within this larger social graph. When users signed up they had to use their school email address, automatically identifying and adding themselves to their school’s network.

Picture 4

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