How to Make More Friends Online

Friday, 31 July 2009

Have you ever been hit on by a really slimy guy at a bar? You know, the kind that uses cheesy lines and is talking about “later” before you know his name, or is trying to buy you a drink before he knows yours? Well, lately that’s how I’ve been feeling every time I login to Facebook.

I, along with a bunch of other social media bloggers, have said this over and over again: introduce yourself! Whether you are friending on Facebook, following on Twitter or connecting on LinkedIn, say hello! And, oh, I don’t know, maybe why we should connect?

Lest I sound like a snob, I’d like to make it know that I accept everyone—if you tell me why or how I know you, or own up to the fact that I have no clue who you are, but you’d like to change that.

Here are a few tips to keep me, and others, from clicking ‘ignore.’


“We know all the same people, we should get lunch, blah, blah, blah. Wanna fuck?” OK, so I stole that from Sex and the City, but you get the idea. Don’t make me click through to see who our shared online connections are; tell me who you know online or off, that I know as well. That’s enough of a reason! And, assuming I like who you are name dropping, it’s a vote of confidence for you. Either way, placing you with people I already know is the easiest way to make me feel obligated to say yes.

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The Future of Furniture: Social Media Sofas

Friday, 10 July 2009

I’ve had my eye on a chaise lounge (not the tacky metal beach recliners, a gorgeous, grown-up indoor one) for years. You’ve probably seen them in old movies or hotels; they’re sort picture-1of one-armed half-sofas that are often called fainting couches. Old fashioned, yet super functional, and perfect for the little extra room I’ve recently become obsessed with redecorating.

DIY design rules online, not brand-name decor

Inspired by my newfound love of Design*Sponge’s Before & After section, I began my search in earnest. And right now, all I’ve found is that there are no furniture or home decor stores using social media. I mean, really using it and “monitoring the conversation” as we like to say. I’m not even sure they’re using the internet effectively. Because I am pretty handy with a search engine and know more than my fair share about SEO and social media, and I cannot find my dream sofa at a reasonable price. All I get are a) great sites with chaises that cost more than a month’s rent or b) spammy messes of “sites” that just keep linking to more useless pages. With my Twitter appeals unanswered, it appears I am stuck trolling CraigsList.

From telephone tables to computer desks, it’s clear the future is social media sofas

I could suck it up and buy a boring chair, or keep searching, but I can’t give up on this chaise, for one major reason: it is a social media necessity. That’s right, I’m declaring the next Twitter trend, and it is going to be Facebook furniture. Because maybe, if the social media sofa is a hit and tons of people start buying it, they will make more and the price will go down. That’s what happens with gadgets these days; why not furniture?

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