Social Media Shoe Styles

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The mix of purse porn and social media savvy worked so well in my Social Media Purse Personalities post, I thought I’d try my hand (or foot) at a similar take on shoes. Here’s what Facebook and other online friending sites would look like on your feet.



Sexy, with a precariously high heel, this strappy slingback or sandal gets right to the point, leaving little to the imagination, and prides itself on unique details like feathers, bows or glitter. Perhaps an “out there” concept for many, but a perfect fit for fashion-forward, futuristic thinkers.



A must-have look that few can pull off, but almost all try, nearly everyone you know has some variation of this seasonal style. This iconic piece of footwear is immortalized in nearly every photo of “right now” and represents socially accessible couture.



High, high, attention grabbing heels that are nearly impossible to walk in, these brightly patterned shoes go with next to nothing and are one of those pairs you can never seem to remember why you don’t wear–until you put them on after a few months of more sensible styles.

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Tweeting with Style: The Ultimate List of the Most Awesome Twitter Accessories

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

For me, it all started with CouchObjects Twitterati necklace (modeled at right by yours truly). @JuliaRoy Tweeted about it, and I simply had to have it. UK shipping costs and time delays be damned, I made it mine and get loads of compliments and questions every time I wear it. Unfortunately, they have since sold out of every piece of geek girl bling they had.

Of course, there are plenty of designers out there offering to trick out your Twitter page itself, but my favorite Twitter designs take Tweeting to the streets to make a fashion statement. Here are some cute and creative ways you can show your love for Twitter offline:


Silver Twitter Charm Necklace

Since you can’t get the famous Twitterati necklace, at least for now, try this adorable silver bird necklace on for size. It’s even got a little blue stone to match.


Twitter “t” Pillow

While not exactly a fashion accessory, this plush Twitter pillow is perfect for accessorizing a couch or bringing your bedroom into the digital age.


Double Bird Gold Ring

Pricey, and probably not meant as a nod to social networking, but this two-finger ring is adorable. Only problem is, it might make it hard to type.

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Social Media Purse Personalities

Monday, 01 June 2009

Inspired by a) my purse obsession and recent acquisition of 2 gorgeous new bags and b) Carrie Bradshaw’s abandoned Vogue column that made men the new accessories for fall, I started thinking about the social networking sites I frequent online and the subtle differences in their personalities and uses. Naturally, to a handbag hound like me, my mind quickly traveled to “purse personalities” and voila!


Small, possibly sparkly, most definitely brand new and largely impractical, this is one of those bags that no matter how silly some people think it is, you simply can’t live without it. You also probably can’t stop gushing about how much you love it. It goes with you to all the most important events–almost like it had to bear witness to be real.


Your “of the minute” bag, this one gets a lot of use in a short period of time before fashion changes and you give your look an overhaul. You update this “go to” bag every few months but like to hang on to the older versions for nostalgia’s sake and put them back in the rotation every once in a while--it’s kind of like reacquainting with an old friend.

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