Mind Your Manners When Friending on Facebook

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I received a bunch of friend requests on Facebook yesterday after my article on tweaking your privacy settings and utilizing friend lists in Facebook went up on Mashable. This is awesome and I love meeting new people, and it makes total sense to friend me on Facebook since that’s what I talk about so much, but I have one little tiny favor to ask: please tell me who you are, how I know you or where you found me and why you’re friending me.

Be friendly with that Facebook friend request

I accept nearly every request and use those handy friend lists and tactics to organize you all accordingly (I share pretty much everything with everyone, but it helps me keep Facebook from being overwhelming), but I’d like to get a little introduction before we commit to this friendship. It’s like a handshake before a job interview, or dinner before a kiss.

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Do We Really Want to Friend Fido and a Fetus?

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

As more and more people join Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media tag-alongs that come with these sites, stories seems to skew more towards “why aren’t they on Facebook?” as opposed to “oh my God, did you hear who’s on Twitter?”

With recent data putting Facebook at the 200 million active user mark, and Twitter stats boasting 700% growth, both sites show the biggest gains in “older” generations. 35 andetradebaby over, to be exact. But I guess that’s old for the internet.

If we assume that pretty much everyone over 13, the legal age for internet browsing sans parental supervision, is already on these sites, then how are they growing so fast? And where will it stop?

Obviously, this rapid growth will even out at some point, most likely in the near future, but I’ve also discovered a somewhat disturbing trend that could be contributing to user spikes: pet and progeny profiles.

Are pets and pregnant bellies really “active” users?

Besides being a little weird and kind of annoying, these types of profiles raise questions about the use and authenticity of social media. If Facebook insists that a celebrity or politician maintain a Page instead of a personal Profile, despite being an actual person, why is it cool for my cat to update its status? And why can’t the Nike swoosh have a Profile?

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Shameless Self-Promotion

Monday, 06 April 2009

Very quick little update to let you all know you can read even more about Facebook, by yours truly, on Mashable! My first co-authored post with Dan Zarrella, The Anatomy of a Facebook Meme, discusses all the ways you can contact people and spread content on Facebook.

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Am I Sexist, or is Advertising?

Friday, 03 April 2009

My early posts dealt with sexism and feminism in advertising, and while I find it a very interesting topic that always spurs some great conversation, somewhere along the way I got caught up in Facebook fanaticism and became more of a Facebook advice center. Obviously, there’s a need for Facebook tips and tricks, but I started wondering why I stopped analyzing sexist advertising. And then it hit me.

I like advertising that is sexist. The more over the top, the better. I enjoy when marketing people make us caricatures of ourselves and play up the retro 50s vibe.  I applaud when casting and costume directors push the envelope on showing a stereotypical “hot girl” or “good housewife.” And I honest-to-God Laugh Out Loud at some of the ridiculous scenarios and classic one-liners the creative team comes up with.

Am I a feminist’s worst nightmare? Or do I just have a sense of humor?

Here’s the thing: I only like the ads (typically commercials) that take it so far that they become parodies of the ads they seemingly seek to emulate. Ads that only hint at sexism and are actually condescending? I despise.

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